Yabarana Products

Yabarana products are pre-packaged solutions that we have built from scratch or on top of other Open Source Software and/or platforms.



RESTful Architecture for the Web 2.0

Yabarana's RESTful Architecture - YARA - is a Web 2.0 Framework that combines open source tools, design patterns, methodologies, engineering services and proprietary components for building Internet-scale Web 2 Applications, and reduce your hardware requirements by ten-fold.


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The Yabarana Intelligent SMS Framework

There are dozens of SMS providers out there, but if you want complete control of your SMS campaign, need one or more dedicated short codes, or need to build you own SMS applications. EzSMS id the product for you...


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The best CMS is no CMS

There is an immense quantity of great Open Source CMS in existence, but even as a technology company it was hard for us to adapt to any one of them easily. We finally decided that traditional CMS was not for us, and we crafted EzCat as a fresh approach to CMS without the bloat. That's why we call EzCat a "noCMS", and just might be the right solution for your CMS woes as well...


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Request Tracking Made Simple

Setting up a Request Tracking Solution can be very costly, even if Open Source. The consulting and know-how needed to set-up a generic Request Tracking Software can take months, and then you have to factor-in the software configuration and customizations hours to adapt it to your needs. Yabarana's EzTracker is a fast-track implementation of the world-wide famous RT software created by Best Practical Products, and with a friendly fron-end framework to integrate to your existing infrastructure.


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OMR Bubble y On-Line Test-Survey-Census Suite

Bubble Testing and Optical Mark Recognition has been the domain of only a hand-full of companies world-wide. They keep a string grip on their clients, obligating them to purchase the test sheets, scanning equipment and software. Yabarana is on a mission to de-mistify bubble testing and freeing our clients from every level of the bubble test, survey or census process. We offer a complete end-to-end suite of tools from data modeling, graphical design and printing, to scanning, plus, the same test models automatically render for on-line (Web, Smart Phone, etc.) testing, surveys and census scenarios.