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Software Development is Yabarana's core business. Our main differentiators are cost effectiveness, agility and quality.


We run a proprietary mix of traditional/academic methods and eXtreme Programming (XP) techniques that our founders learned by working in the Open Source communities. Our project management techniques are based on PMI standards but with a focus on execution and control instead of detailed planning, which gives us the ability to implement iterative and incremental methods, even for fixed-price contracts. Our development practice is inspired and aligned with Open Source while at the same time attending the minimum formalities necessary for executing under common contracting practices.


At Yabarana, Quality is our first priority. Our QA methods derive from standards of traditional software houses such as CMM (Capability Maturity Model), as well as newly evolving standards for Open Source, such QualiPSo. But our truly high quality standards are actually a side-effect from working with strict Open Source communities such as the CPAN, where quality and testing are absolute critical factors in peer review and reputation. Yabarana is proud to be a full TDD (Test Driven Development) shop.


Our methodology is accompanied by a rich Open Source tool-set. Many of these tools are shared with our clients. For example, our clients have direct access to:

  • Our project management systems, so they can track the execution of the project at any time, day by day, hour per hour.
  • Our Subversion (SCM) repository, so they can check out and update the progress of their code at any time.
  • Our Knowledge Base and internal Wiki.
  • Many more...

Core Tool-Set

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